About us

We are a small U-pick orchard located near downtown Liberty Missouri.  In 2014 we planted the first few trees as a way to begin growing fruit for ourselves and over the next several years what began as a hobby grew into what would eventually become Taylor Family Orchard.  Visiting orchards, picking apples, and enjoying cider donuts in the fall has always been a past time and as the orchard grew I began to dream of starting my own U-pick orchard.   

The orchard began with 25 trees and included varieties we were familiar with and enjoyed including; Gala, Mutsu, Redrome, and Yellow Delicious.  As we continued to plant additional trees the mindset was to grow as close to organic standards as possible and as such varieties were chosen that possess greater natural disease resistance to limit the need of chemical intervention.  Although we are not organically certified we continue to grow with organic standards in mind and follow established organic practices.

Slowly the orchard continued to grow in size and as the dream of opening a U-pick came closer we approached the City of Liberty about the possibility of starting a business.  Our permit was approved and we began the work on establishing public access to the orchard and to have utilities ran to a site for a retail and storage building.  We are currently undergoing construction of the building which will include public restrooms and serve as a location to purchase local products as well as products grown at Taylor Family Orchard.

We are closer than ever to opening with a goal set for June of 2019!  Our mission is to provide a U-pick orchard for the community Liberty and surrounding areas that is family friendly, easily accessible for the community, and to serve as a place where one can learn about growing fruit and enjoy the outdoors.