Lodi:  Ripens In July

Lodi are a summer apple and are the first in the orchard to ripen.  They were initially released in 1924  and are great for making apple sauce.  They have limited storage potential and possess a sweet-tart flavor.

Gala: Ripens in Late August

Gala are an early season apple, are red to orange in color and have a striped appearance.  Gala are a sweet apple and when picked early can store for several months in refrigeration.  The apples are excellent for fresh eating.  Gala were initially patented in 1974.

Honeycrisp: Ripens in Early September

Always a favorite the Honeycrisp apple is steadily growing in popularity.  It is a sweet and crisp apple that is excellent for fresh eating.  The apple was developed at the University of Minnesota and released in 1991.

Libery: Ripens in Early September

Liberty was initially released in 1978.  The fruit is dark  red in color with firm and sweet-tart flesh.  The apple is good for fresh eating and baking.   It is an easier to grow apple as it has excellent disease resistance.

Jonafree: Ripens in Mid-September

A disease resistant apple similar to Jonathan apples.  The apple has thicker skin with semi-sweet flesh of medium coarse texture.  The flavor includes some spicy notes and was released in 1972 by the PRI program.

Golden Delicious: Ripens in Late September

One of the most popular apples the Golden Delicious was found in Clay County West Virginia and was initially marketed by Stark Brothers in 1914.  The Golden Delicious is an excellent pollinator for other varieties of apples.

Freedom:  Late September

The Freedom apple originates from Geneva NY in 1958.  The apple is an all purpose apple with very good resistance to diseases.  The flesh is mildly sweet and medium texture. 

Mutsu:  Early October

This apple was introduced in 1948 and named after the Mutsu province of Japan.  This apple is an all purpose large apple that can be kept in cold storage for up to 3 months.  The taste is similar to a golden delicious with firmer flesh.

Red Rome:  Mid-October

The Rome apple originated near the township of Rome, Ohio in 1848.  This apple has thicker skin and firm flesh and is predominately used for baking and maintain their shape and texture when cooked.

Gold Rush:  Late October

My personal favorite, the gold rush apple has a nice combination of sweetness and tartness with firm flesh and cold storage of up to 7 months.  The apple is all purpose and can be fresh eaten, cooked with, or used in cider.  It was introduced in 1993.