Medium sized fruit has a balanced sweet-tart flavor.  Released in 2003 by the University of Arkansas.

Ouachita Thornless Blackberry: 


Ripens in Mid-June

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Chester Thornless Blackberry: 


Ripens in July

Firm blackberries that are more sweet than tart and are excellent for eating, baking, or making preserves.

Triple Crown Thornless Blackberry: 


Ripens in August

A later season variety that has a balanced sweet-tart flavor.  Released for production in 1996.

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Prelude Red Raspberry: 


Ripens in July

Heritage Red Raspberry: 


Ripens in July

Encore Red Raspberry: 


Ripens Early August

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A early season Raspberry released by Cornell University.  The fruit is sweet and firm and easily picked.

A sweet Raspberry that is soft in texture and easily picked and is good for eating, canning, or freezing.

A firm fresh eating variety of raspberry that was released by Cornell University.

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